Saturday, November 8, 2008

Shut up and vote

As I’ve mentioned before, elections seem to be a national past time for Canadians.   Consider all the provincial elections, by-elections, municipal elections, federal elections and leadership elections in this country.  That’s a lot of voting.

Even for political junkies, all these trips to the ballots get irksome.  Jump’n craw daddies!  In Quebec, we just finished one expensive federal election, and now it’s time for an equally, if not more expensive provincial election. 

With this said, I don’t feel quite as bad as my complaining would have you believe.  In the Canadian political process, we, as private citizens, have very little to do.  A few times a year, we have to drag ourselves out of the house, and down to the polling station.  When there, we present our drivers’ license and put an X beside the candidate we fell will do the least amount of damage with our tax dollars.   This is the only role we as Canadians have in the political process.  It may not be fun, but at least we get to vote against the parties we hate the most.  

If you want things to keep going the way they have been, don’t vote, but if you really want to screw things up for the people in power, get out and vote.


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